Right from the onset of this blog, I must confess.. I am by no means what people refer to as a “gym bunny”. In fact, I don’t even know what this term means. Is it someone that frequents the gym on a daily basis, or is it someone one that lives in the gym and has no daytime work or is it a bunny that lives in the gym? I really don’t know.

In fact, I can only assume that when one refers to themselves as a “gym bunny”, they have no problem walking around with very little on, and probably live in a “no clothes zone”. Now this is when I can truly say I am absolutely, without a doubt in my mind, not a gym bunny. When I remove my clothes in the privacy of my own home, the home that belongs to me, yes the one I paid for… my furniture cry for me to put my clothes back on. So no, I AM NOT A GYM BUNNY.


I will however be honest and say that I do visit the local gym at least four times a week and I try to get an hour with each workout. This is my typical session, I walk in at 07:15. I greet about 8 people, and this is just outside the gym. I walk in, swipe my card, and then oh! There’s someone I know on the stepper, I must have a quick chat. Around 07:35, I make my way up the stairs and proceed to meet more people, greet, quick chat and off. Now, 07:45 I warm up with a little waist twist and my friend comes to talk about the day he had yesterday, gives me advice about some new exercise I have to try today and walks off. Right, 07:55, time for me to get down and dirty, but not without the correct music. Switch on the ipod and here I go. Look up at the clock, its 08:15. I have to leave or I will be late for work. And that’s my session.


So, you can imagine my horror when I was asked to present a show about hot yoga, and in fact, I actually had to endure an hour’s class. Well, I avoid these group class sessions like I avoid a disease. Is it me or does everyone in those classes look like they are on ecstasy? I mean really, calm down. They look like they have been together all day practicing the moves, just to get to class and be synchronized. I was not impressed at all. I much prefer my gym session, not too strenuous on the body, maybe just the jaw, which probably explains my strong jawline.


So, there I was at a place called Gurucats, strange music playing in the background and surrounded by walls filled with spiritual enlightenment. Sarcastic? Yes I was. The filming of the interview with Kim Mazabow was great, it was like I was in at my local gym, doing what I do best, talking. Done and dusted in the first take.


Then it was time, I entered this scorching hot room, beads of sweat immediately manifested on my forehead, in fact my body was like, Maria honey, what is this new sensation? All this time Kim kept coaching me on my breathing techniques and what I can expect, but at the back of my mind all I could think about was, damn lady, 1 hour? Are there any breaks?


Eventually, I put on my big girl panties and I went for it. Very quickly into the session I felt myself becoming quiet, my mind emptied and I felt complete relaxation. The warmth of the room was by no means uncomfortable, in fact it was exactly what my body needed. My muscles quickly became warm which allowed my body to maneuver in all sorts of weird and wonderful positions. Kim’s voice was calm and soothing and listening to her you can’t help but drift away, I felt so far away from earth, it was as if my spirit suddenly filled my soul with new life. It is true when they say that when one practices yoga often, the mind, body, soul and spirit becomes one.


The entire environment was extremely conducive for relaxation. By the end of the hour, I wanted more, in fact I bought 10 more sessions. Words alone can not explain my experience at Gurucat, and I think that it will be best to post the video on my blog once it has been released by the channel, so that you can see for yourself.


A very big thank you to Kim Mazabow for hosting me in her incredible studio. For those that live in the Durban area, do yourself a favor and visit this incredible studio and meet Kim for yourself, and when you do pop me a quick comment and let me know your experience. I would love to hear from you.