Like most people, I never really gave much thought to becoming an organ donor. In fact, oblivious to what it really meant, I remember drawing up a Living Will many years ago. What was the repercussions of this, or what did this convey? I lacked the full understanding.

Sitting back today, scribing this blog, I have finally come to terms with not the understanding, but rather the impact that is made when someone decides that they will voluntarily donate their organs, should something unfortunate occur in their lives.

This journey was not one that I embarked on with the knowledge that half way through, my concept of life would change.

Becoming an organ donor is one of the most important decisions a person could make, it is also, one of the most difficult decisions. But, by becoming a donor, you have the opportunity to change a person’s life forever, and not just one, but, their entire families. Its difficult to think about death, but sometimes we need to consider the other side of the coin.

Did you know

  • By become an organ donor, you have the potential to save eight lives, you have the power to restore sight and heal the lives of 75 other people using tissue.
  • Registering is so easy, simply click here
  • Organ donation is an accepted practice in most religions.
  • There is a huge shortages of registered organ donors and an ever increasing list of people that are waiting organ donation.
  • It is not enough to want to become an organ donor, it is vital that you have this conversation with your families. When its all said and done, your family has the power to grant your final wishes.

Please watch this amazing video we put together for you, the idea that somebody had to die for another to live is heart wrenching. But after hearing the stories of the recipients, I could not think of a reason why anyone should not be a donor.

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