The summer months are slowly coming to an end, and with that, the warm temperatures and high humidity. Just as your skin is starting to feel plump and hydrated, the cold months of winter start looming.

Winter is only just a few months away, and if the way the days seem to fly past is any indication, winter is almost here. The dreaded drop in temperatures which brings the wind and dryness in the air is nothing that I look forward to. For me, I am hardest hit during the cold months on my skin.

As the external environmental changes occur, you will notice how your skin changes texture, it may begin to feel more dry, dehydrated and sometimes itchy. Winter can be very damaging to the skin if proper care is not taken.


1.Use Creams rather than Lotions


During this testing season, opt for creams, rather than lotions. Creams are more heavier therefore moisturizing, and can create a barrier on the skin that will protect against the wind.


2.Use Suncreen


It is true that many believe that if the sun is not seen, you don’t need moisturizer. WRONG!!! The winter sun can be very damaging, so ensure the use of sunscreen, spf 15 and higher.


3.Stay Hydrated


Remember to stay hydrated, it can be difficult to get your water intake for the day, so instead of just water, try having warm herbal tea.




I don’t know about you, but I hate when my skin starts looking dull, during winter, we forget to exfoliate the skin. Mild exfoliation is important to get rid of the dead flaky skin that causes us to look like we are dead. A gentle exfoliation of the skin should be done once a week to reveal healthier, glowing skin.


5.Dont use products with Alcohol


Avoid using any skin products that contain alcohol, alcohol has a drying effect on the skin.

“Use products that contain vitamin C to repair damaged skin.”

6.Humidify your Skin


Think about getting a humidifier for your home and office, its great to add a little moisture to the air.


7.Take Shorter Baths


Take shorter baths in winter, your skin is already taking a knock from the change in the environment; long baths will dehydrate your skin further. Moisturize your skin immediately after you bath. Try to carry a moisturizer in your bag and reapply during the day. Dry skin can lead to itchy skin so you will want to avoid it.


8.Pay Attention to your Diet


And finally, pay attention to your diet, remember what you put in is what you will get out. Choosing foolishly will not only lead to weight gain but can affect your skin as well. So, as enticing as it may be to laze in front of the television eating fast food, choose wisely and add more fish, dairy products and some healthy fats into your diet.