How to look good in photos


In a time were image seems to be everything, sharing a horrible photograph of ones self will never be acceptable. I often stand by watching as the circus begins, you will find the ever accepting designated photographer who simply smiles and clicks, but her task does not just end there, oh no! Each click requires the approval of every member of the gang.

So instead of wasting precious time, I have decided to compile a guide that will help you look good in photos.

  1. If you are taking a group photograph, never stand closest to the camera. This will make you look bigger.
  2. Always remember what your mum used to say, “tummy in, chest out”. She was right. By doing this you give yourself a natural tummy tuck and best of all, it makes you look taller.
  3. Elongate your neck and push your face forward. By doing this you avoid the double chin that many of us develop only in photographs.
  4. If you are prone to blinking your eyes in photographs, the trick I learnt when shooting in direct sunlight, was to keep your eyes closed and only open when it was time to click. Say goodbye to all those wasted photos with you and your sleepy eyes.
  5. If you know that  you will be snapping the time away, I suggest that you stay away from nude make up. The flash takes away at least 70% of your makeup which will make you look washed out. Rather stick to colours that liven up your skin tone.
  6. Avoid too much shimmer in your makeup, your will end up looking like an oil factory in the photographs. A light natural glow is what you should be aiming for and not a disco ball.
  7. Seek out good lighting. Although the instagram filters are wondrous, natural lighting is your best filter.
  8. Do not stand under lights, these create shadows on your face. Shadows can create bags, dark circles, even the illusion of wrinkles, so think about this the next time you are standing under a light bulb.
  9. Standing in front of a white background helps the camera settings find the right balance between the colours, which will make your face look brighter.
  10. When taking full length photographs, ask the photographer to take it from a lower angle, this will make you look slender.
  11. When smiling, push your tongue against the back of your teeth. This makes the smile look more natural.
  12. This is crazy, but instead of saying ” cheese” rather say “money”. When saying the word money, the corners of your mouth lift causing a few crinkles around the eyes which again, makes the smile more natural.
  13. I know many people who practice poses in front of the mirror, if this helps and builds your confidence, then I suggest you give it a try. Also looking at old photographs that you think you looked good in helps, study these and find the things you liked and use it.
  14. Most importantly, be natural, be yourself and enjoy every moment.



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