Maria Valaskatzis

The truth of the matter is that you do not have to spend tons of money on your makeup brushes. You just need to understand what brush has the best application for a type of makeup and the various ways you can use the brush. So ditch the idea that makeup houses have engraved in our heads, that we need a particular brush for a particular area of the face.

As a makeup artist for many years and the owner of makeup schools combined with numerous makeup talks I have given nationally, I can safely say that I have four brushes in my personal kit, and they work wonders.

Understanding makeup brushes

Double edged foundation brush

This brush is used a multi purpose brush when working with foundation and contouring products. While you are able to use the rounded tip brush for liquid and cream foundation, the angled end can be used for contouring the face.

Concealer brush

The concealer brush is used to apply concealer, but did you know that the non absorbent bristles of the concealer brush make it a perfect brush to apply lipstick as well as cream eyeshadow

Eyeliner brushes

The bent liner brush is perfect for liquid or gel liners and are used for the precision fine line. This brush can also be used creating fine hair when shaping your eye brows. The straight eyeliner brush can used to create slightly thicker lines and is great

Blending Brush

There are a few sizes available, but generally speaking the largest would be used for shading of the entire eye. The smaller and finer the blending brush, the more precision will be achieved. This is important when it comes to shading.

Lip Brush

The lip brush is generally a synthetic brush. This is important because synthetic bristles do not absorb product. Therefore, more product will be placed on the lip.

Kabuki brush

This is a multi purpose brush. I use it to apply powder as well a cream blusher. I even use it to apply my highlighter.



Powder Brush

This is self explanatory, it is used to apply powder to the face. I also use it apply bronzer on my face and body.

Fan Brush

I love this brush. I use it to dust off excess powder, it can be used to apply highlighter to the cheek bones and collar bones.