How to find your perfect foundation shade

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The search for the perfect foundation shade goes as well as the search for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Its a daily struggle and if you could stop at this point and direct your attention to the drawer that is filled with the different foundations we have bought over the years. Some of which are still brand new. Don’t you just want to cringe?

Well, here is a guide to help you find your perfect foundation shade.

Choosing the correct type of foundation is equally important as choosing the correct colour.

Types of foundation

  • Liquid  can be used on all skin types, dry, combination as well as oily. This type of foundation is easy to use and can be applied using a brush, sponge, or blender. The liquid foundation also comes in different consistencies, so the more coverage requires a thicker consistency.
  • Cream is a combination of foundation and powder. As you can imagine this combination would give you full coverage. Keep in mind that you can still get a light coverage using a damp sponge.
  • Stick form is generally used on oily skin and blends very well.
  • Powder, this is a combination of foundation and powder, however the consistency is more powdery. This is used for light coverage and works extremely well on male models.

Once you understand types of foundations and your skin type, you will be equipped to make a more informed decision on which type of base will suit your needs.

I would love to premise at this stage that the ordeal is over, but I would be lying.

At this juncture, we would further need to find your skin tone. I go through this in the video.

Once a conclusion has been reached on the type of foundation that would suit your particular need as well as skin tone, you will be ready to find the shade.

To do this you would simply find three shades and swatch these on your jaw line. The shade that disappears into your skin, would be your perfect match.

Common mistakes

The most common mistake is that women test shades on their wrist. This will inevitably give you an incorrect result. Noticeably, the shade of your face and wrist are different colours.

The second mistake is that foundation testing is done in the incorrect lighting. Natural lighting is best.


Video Collaboration  by VKATZ and  Digin Media

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Basic Day Makeup Tutorial


After traveling the world learning the art of makeup and fashion combined with my knowledge of owning a beauty, makeup and hair school, we decided, together with DigIn Media to create a series of videos that will teach you everything  I know.

The first episode is a basic day makeup tutorial that was designed to teach you basic application. This makeup once mastered should take  5 minutes to apply. The basic day makeup look is ideal for women on the go and transitions well from day to evening.

I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.

Steps :

  • Make certain that the face is clean and well mositurised before you begin the makeup application.
  • Start the foundation  application from the forehead to the chin using a patting motion.
  • Use a lighter foundation under the eye, on the chin and forehead.
  • Powder the face.
  • Begin to neaten the eyebrows, it is day makeup so keep it natural.
  • When shaping the eyebrows ensure that the face shape is taking into consideration.
  • Make certain that the eyelid is free from any oils.
  • Use a medium eyeshadow shade on the lid.
  • A darker colour can be used in the crease area.
  • Once the eye shadow is blended, line your eyelids.
  • In this makeup, I lined the eye a quarter at the top and bottom. This creates more definition at the outer end of the eye.
  • Mascara should be applied at this stage.
  • I used a brown blusher to contour my cheekbones.
  • Line the lips
  • Add a shade of lipstick to suit your final look.







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Revlon Color Stay Makeup

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What is it?

Revlon color stay makeup is a foundation formula that delivers flawless, all day coverage. It comes in two formulas to suit the following skin types:

  • Combination/Oily

  • Normal/Dry

What I liked about the Revlon Color Stay makeup.

  • The first thing I liked about the Revlon Color Stay makeup was the pump bottle, it was easy to use with no mess.
  • I generally get to try and work with many foundations, and I also taught makeup artistry and special effects for a few years, so finding a foundation that lasts is like finding the holy grail of makeup. I can truly say that I was surprised to find that one application in the day was all I needed. I constantly have to powder in  the course of the day however that was not necessary with the Revlon Color stay makeup.
  • The range comes a  variety of colours to suit almost any skin colour so the likelihood of you finding your shade is high. One of my pet hates about foundations is when a brand decides to only bring out a very limited range in colours and many ladies are left with having to buy two different shades that they would need to mix together to get their perfect shade.
  • It has an SPF 15 factor, which means that besides making you look fabulous, its also protecting your skin.

What I did not like about the Revlon Color Stay makeup.

  • The first thing I liked about this product was that it had a pump bottle, however as the foundation was coming to the end, I could not pump out the last bit, however the top does screw off so if you are anything like me, you can still manage to scrape out the last bit.
  • Removal of the product at the end of the day was a little struggle, but on the upside, it lasted all day.

Final Thoughts

The Revlon Color stay makeup definitely gets a thumbs up from me. If you do have pigmentation, I would advise in investing in a separate concealor, I found that even after layering I still needed to use my concealor.




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