VKATZ Strobing

What is Strobing? Well, its simpily another term for highlighting. Whereas contour makeup defined the angles of the face. In contrast, strobing or highlighting creates a more dewy and youthful look. This is a great look for summer and even a sweet fresh face for a relaxing holiday.

There are again a few ways that this makeup can be applied however I demonstrated the way I do it.

Makeup Application

  • I start the application using a liquid highlighter on a clean face.
  • Apply the highlighter to the cheek bones, forehead, down the nose, on the cupids bow.
  • Blend the highlighter using a sponge or blender.
  • Apply your foundation to the entire face, keeping it light and natural.
  • Apply powder lightly to the face.
  • Using a powder shimmer highlighter, go over the areas that you previously highlighted.
  • Once you have completed you can complete the look with eyeshadow and lipstick.

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Soft natural cut crease makeup

Maria Valaskatzis natural cut crease

The soft natural cut crease makeup look has always  been a go to makeup.

In the video, I have already applied foundation, powder and blusher.

Step to creating the natural soft cut crease eye

  • Use a natural shade over the entire eye. This will serve as a base colour that will absorb any oils that may be present on the eye.
  • Use a medium shade to shade the crease area.
  • Use a darker shade and shade the area just below the brow bone.
  • Now use the darkest shade to create definition under the brow bone.
  • Use a light shade to clean the area on the eyelid only to crease the soft natural cut crease.
  • You can also use the same shade to clean up the area on the brow bone.
  • Once you have completed this you can line the eyes using any style that you may enjoy. I always like the winged eye liner so I went with this style in the video.
  • Using the exact method you used, smudge the eye shadow below the lower lash line.
  • I already had false lashes, however to create more drama you can add a pair of strip lashes.
  • Mascara the bottom lashes.
  • Finish off the look with lipstick .

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Basic Day Makeup Tutorial


After traveling the world learning the art of makeup and fashion combined with my knowledge of owning a beauty, makeup and hair school, we decided, together with DigIn Media to create a series of videos that will teach you everything  I know.

The first episode is a basic day makeup tutorial that was designed to teach you basic application. This makeup once mastered should take  5 minutes to apply. The basic day makeup look is ideal for women on the go and transitions well from day to evening.

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Steps :

  • Make certain that the face is clean and well mositurised before you begin the makeup application.
  • Start the foundation  application from the forehead to the chin using a patting motion.
  • Use a lighter foundation under the eye, on the chin and forehead.
  • Powder the face.
  • Begin to neaten the eyebrows, it is day makeup so keep it natural.
  • When shaping the eyebrows ensure that the face shape is taking into consideration.
  • Make certain that the eyelid is free from any oils.
  • Use a medium eyeshadow shade on the lid.
  • A darker colour can be used in the crease area.
  • Once the eye shadow is blended, line your eyelids.
  • In this makeup, I lined the eye a quarter at the top and bottom. This creates more definition at the outer end of the eye.
  • Mascara should be applied at this stage.
  • I used a brown blusher to contour my cheekbones.
  • Line the lips
  • Add a shade of lipstick to suit your final look.







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How to make false lashes look real


I hate to admit it, but how to make false eye lashes look natural ,is a trend that is here to say. There is nothing more alluring on a woman’s face than those long thick lashes. Unfortunately, like many things, very few have been blessed to have these naturally.

The trend was revived with Kim Kardashian, who I might add made a fortune off the  lash business.

False lashes look wonderful, however when applied incorrectly can look very unappealing, so before you venture out of the confines off your room, practice applying lashes and ensure that they are well fitted and look as natural as possible. One of the things to be careful about is too always remember that the thicker the lashes, the more heavier they are, which can also make your eyelids close, so be warned.

There are a variety of false lashes in the market, some will include the strip lash, there are also single lashes and then you will find the trio lashes. What are the differences?

  • The strip false lashes is just one strip and the application fits over the entire area.
  • The single false lashes is exactly what it is,  single lashes. These are very tricky to put on because they can easily change direction when the glue is wet.
  • The trio lashes are obviously that however are much easier to apply than the single lash.


  1. When choosing your false lashes, stick to lashes that have a clear band, as these will blend. Thick dark bands are without a doubt the biggest give away that you are wearing false lashes.
  2. If you find that your strip lashes are stiff, wrap them around a pencil so that they take shape.
  3. I always prefer using a dark glue as it accentuates the lash line.
  4. When applying the lashes make certain that you are applying them to the lash line and not onto your eyelids. If you apply the false lashes to the eyelid, you will notice a gap between the real lashes and the fake ones.
  5. Once the false lashes are secure, apply mascara to blend them together.
  6. I always like to end off with a liquid liner to neaten the application.



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Revlon Ultra HD lip colour

8.6tech score

The Revlon Ultra HD lip colour is a velvety matte high definition lip colour. It has been formulated with Revlon’s 100% wax free technology which provides vivid colour.

The Revlon Ultra HD lip colour has 8 colours

  1. HD Addiction
  2. HD Devotion
  3. HD Passion
  4. HD Obsession
  5. HD Seduction
  6. HD Love
  7. HD Temptation
  8. HD Flirtation

After owning an internationally accredited makeup school for many years, there are certain attributes that one seeks in their choice of makeup. I was pleasantly surprised after trying out the Revlon Ultra HD lip colour. Looking at the product, I would have assumed that it was a typical lipgloss, and because I never apply lip gloss to my lips, I would have passed it by. However, only after trying on the lip colour did I notice that in fact, the application was smooth but most importantly the colour was rich and intense. The finished result was that of a lipstick. I loved that I did not have to apply many layers to achieve the results I required.

What was remarkable is the staying power. One application was all I needed and the colour stayed on my lips the entire day, baring in mind that I ate, spoke and drank as I usually do.



The only thing that I did not enjoy about the product is that although it says “matte” it does not finish off as such. My lips did remain slightly glossy, a little more glossy than I usually wear my lipsticks, however for those that prefer a slight glossy lipstick, this is perfect for you. I do have larger lips and I am more conscious about it than most people.

The colour variations are quite limited, covering mostly those that have a warm undertone.






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How to apply makeup to mature skin


How to apply makeup to mature skin

As I begin writing this article, it suddenly dawns on me, what is mature skin? We live in a time when your chronological age does not determine the age of your skin. As we become more focused on trying to keep our youthfulness for longer, beauty industries have bombarded us with all kinds of technologies and products to assist us on this quest.

My mom is 55 years old and she maintains a skin age of someone that is in their late thirties. Call it great genes? Well, I hope so.

So before we go any further, lets begin with breaking down what mature skin is.

It is in your forties that you start seeing the first signs of ageing, and this is because it is at this time when the collagen production in your skin starts slowing down. As a result, the skin begins to lose elasticity and the start of fine lines and wrinkles slowly creeps in.

If you are not ritual with your facial routines and whatever supplements you take to help the skin regenerate, then the skin starts to quickly age. So from fine lines and wrinkles, you will quickly begin to start noticing that the wrinkles will deepen, the appearance of crows feet, and the skin will feel dehydrated.

When applying makeup to this type of skin, which is very wrinkled, sagging and dehydrated, one should move with caution. If makeup is applied incorrectly, you may stand the chance of looking older than you actually are.

Tips on how to apply makeup to mature skin.

  • It is important to ensure that the skin is moisturised.
  • Use a pre base that will have a tightening effect on the skin.
  • Mature skin generally has the presence of hyper-pigmentation, if this is present I suggest you conceal with either a colour corrector or a concealer that is 2 shades lighter than the skin.
  • When choosing a foundation, it is best to opt for one that has a moisturising effect to help with the dehydration.
  • Apply powder sparingly. If too much powder is applied to the face, the powder will cling and settle into the wrinkles making the wrinkles appear deeper.
  • When applying blusher, you may opt for a cream blusher, however if you are, then it is important to note that this should be applied before the powder.
  • Blushers should be neutral, so stick to shades of browns, peach etc.
  • When neatening out the eyebrows, opt for a shade as close to the natural brows, maybe 1 shade darker, keep them natural and avoid overly dramatic eyebrows.
  • When working with the eyes, stick to matte shades, shimmer shades can enhance the wrinkles in the eyes. Again, stick to a neutral palette.
  • When lining the eyes, keep the eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible, depending on the skin tone, you may want to choose a brown liner.
  • As we get older, the skin around the mouth develops cracks, and this is worse if you are a smoker, so to avoid feathering of the lipstick, line the lips before applying lipstick. Nothing too dark, rather keep it subtle.sign


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Natural Makeup


Natural makeup does not involve heavy contouring and highlighting, however it is a type of makeup application that is so natural that it does not change a person’s appearance, rather it accentuates it.

I’ve decided to add this look onto the blog to help those busy ladies who don’t have much time in the morning and are always on the go. This look is actually my everyday look and takes me five minutes to put on. You are probably thinking five minutes? Is she crazy, but no, I am not. Makeup application is like everything else in life. With practice, you can speed up the time it takes.


Step 1

Start with a clean face that is moisturised. A clean canvas is always necessary when creating art.

Step 2


Begin with your foundation application, I did not use primer or under base for this application. In fact, I do not use primer during the day. My makeup stays in place, however when I am on set, or shooting or going to an event is the only time I add primer to my makeup routine. If however, you require primer then apply it before your foundation application.

Step 3


Add setting powder, this is necessary to set your foundation and avoids sliding.

Step 4

Once the powder has been applied, I neaten up the eyebrows. This is a very natural look, so keep the eyebrows as natural as possible.

Step 5


Apply a medium shade of eye shadow to the eye socket as far as the crease of the eye. I used brown, you can choose any natural shade you prefer. Take a dark shade and blend the colour into the crease, again, I used a darker shade of brown.

Step 6


Now its time for the eyeliner. I used a liquid eyeliner and created a more winged effect. I always wing my eyeliner to create a more almond shaped eye. It does not hurt that it also looks good.

Step 7


Extend the eyeliner underneath the eye about 1/4 way, then blend the darkest shade you used over the eyeliner. Once you are happy with the eyes, go ahead and apply 3 coatings of mascara.

Step 8

Maria-Valaskatzis-natural-makeup-blush Maria-Valaskatzis-natural-makeup-blush-2

I like to slightly contour my cheekbones, so I applied a bronzer just under the cheekbone area for a slight lift.

Step 9

Line your lips and fill your lips with a natural shade lipstick.

Maria-Valaskatzis-Natural-makeup-finish-2 Maria-Valaskatzis-Natural-makeup-finish-3 Maria-Valaskatzis-Natural-Makeup-finsih-4 Maria-Valaskatzis-Natural-makeup-fun












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How to remove makeup stains


How to remove makeup stains

Life can be crazy sometimes, always rushing from one event to the next. Unfortunately us women never feel completely dressed until we have our faces perfectly on. In the madness of the rush, mishaps always take place. Foundation stains on the neck line is my common mistake. Women in relationships will constantly be reminded by their other halves to be careful not to hug to close because of foundation or lipstick marks on their shirts. I mean really, the price we have to pay?

Whatever makeup stain battle you are facing, it is important to know how to remove those stains, quickly and painlessly.

Lipstick stains can easily be removed using (Isoprophyl) alcohol or watch hazel. Don’t have these in the cupboard? No stress. Try spraying hair spray to the stain, allow this to set for 10 minutes before washing.

Eyeliner or mascara stains can be treated with salt before washing or use a drop of dishwashing liquid in water and wash.

Foundation stains can be treated with shaving cream or even shampoo. I’ve used 3% hydrogen peroxide liquid which works like a charm.

Blusher and eyeshadow stains can be removed using a mild laundry  liquid.

Important notes

  • Always read the care instructions of the garment before attempting any removal.
  • Make up stains on delicate fabrics should be taken to a professional for cleaning.
  • Removing a fresh stain is always easier than trying to remove one that has had an opportunity to settle in.
  • If the stain is an oil based stain and is not responding to any treatment, try spraying WD 40 to the stain, be careful using WD 40. Try using the product on a small piece of the garment first before treating the stain. This could avoid damage to the entire garment.
  • Some people swear by the coca cola method, however I have never tried this method. My only concern is that the coca cola will leave its own stain. Hopefully, if you do try this method, it will wash off after a good wash.



vkatz stain removal




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Bridal Makeup Tips


Bridal Makeup Tips

A wedding is a special time for all ladies, we dream about this day from the time we were little girls, rehearsing as often as we could the moment we will walk down the aisle, meeting our gorgeous and striking husband at the end. And the look in his eyes as he lifts the veil and sees his wife for the very first time. Some of us still imagine this day with the same excitement.

So, when deciding on your makeup, be cautious, remember that the man that is waiting at the end of the aisle needs to still recognise you. The rule with bridal makeup is that, you should still look like you but in a better more beautiful way. Try to stay away from makeup fashion trends, your makeup should be timeless. Remember that 20 years down the line, you still want to look at the photographs without cringing.

Bridal makeup Tips

  • Every bride should book a consultation with the makeup artist to run through a trial. This time should be used to practice different looks and settle on one that you are comfortable with.
  • Bridal makeup should have enough colour and should be heavier and darker to compensate for the white gown as well as photography. Do not get scared when you look into the mirror and suddenly see a face plastered with makeup. Lighting takes away at least 50 to 70% of the makeup in photographs.
  • It is important to make certain that your skin is clear and smooth. Drink plenty of water and prepare your skin.
  • When applying makeup, the rule is that natural light is the best. Try to position yourself close to a mirror.
  • Moisturise your face before applying makeup, however avoid moisturisers that contain sunblock. These are known to give flash back in photography.
  • Make sure that your foundation is blended well.
  • Try to stick to the natural tones of eyeshadows and darken the other edges of the eyes to create depth.
  • Use 2 shades of blusher, a natural shade on the apples of the cheek, whilst a darker shade to contour.
  • If the gown has an open neck, think about adding bronzer to the neck and decollate.

Vkatz bridal pic 1

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