This tutorial will teach you how to create a basic evening makeup look, I have not done any contouring and highlighting in this tutorial as it is a step progression from the Natural makeup tutorial we did last week.

I do fancy this look for an early evening date, were you don’t want to look overly made up. Especially when its your first date, you want to create a more chilled look.

Rules however to remember when applying makeup is to always consider the lighting. Evening makeup should always be applied slightly heavier and darker. It is also important to note that shimmer makeup can be applied for an evening look however should be avoided when applying a day look.

Step 1

Maria Valaskatzis evening 1Ensure that your face is clean and moisturised, apply your primer followed by an even foundation application, remember to use a heavier application.

Step 2

Maria-Valaskatzis-evening-makeup-2Neaten out the eyebrows, now start with your eyeshadow application, as mentioned earlier this is the next step from the natural makeup tutorial, so first apply a medium shimmer shade from the lash line to the eye socket. Follow this with a dark shade blended into the crease. Make sure that the colours blend.

Step 3


Maria-Valaskatzis-evening-makeup-3 Maria-Valaskatzis-evening-makeup-4At this point use an even darker shade of eyeshadow and shade the outer corner of the eye. Once you have blended the colours, you make proceed to line. I am known to wing my eyeliner, however the style of your eyeliner should be applied according to your preference and eye shape.

Step 4


Smudge the darkest shade of eyeshadow under the bottom lash, and then apply three layers of mascara.

Step 5


Check your application and make certain that the colours are well blended and that there are no harsh lines.

Step 6


Finally, apply your blusher just beneath the cheekbone area, this will give you a natural contour. Here, again, I used just a bronzer. Finally, line your lips and apply you desired lip colour.


Now you are ready to set the evening on fire. Once you have perfected this look, we will move onto to contouring.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.




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