Seventies inspired winter look



Seventies inspired winter look

The seventies was an interesting time for fashion. Flower power and feminism ran supreme. Bootleg, flare pants and shift dresses adorned the female race and although we started seeing the emergence of the independent and liberal woman, the softness and feminine side was still evident.

My look was inspired by the seventies, the shift dress is without a doubt a firm favourite. Although the dress is not figure hugging, there are still the curves that allow you to notice the female silhouette.

Maria Valaskatzis 70's style 1

Being a tiny lass myself, I have to be extremely careful, certain silhouettes can easily  make me look frumpy. What I enjoyed about this seventies inspired winter dress was that it had the perfect shape around the waist. What you cannot see in the images is that the dress is actually shorts. This styling is ideal for the lady that wants to show the right amount of legs without the fear of her lady bits peeking out.

The colours of the dress are rich, which negates the dull and dreary winter blues. It is important to remember to choose these types of colours when picking out your winter wardrobe. Often your choice in colours will determine your mood. So create life with warmer tones during the grey season.

Maria Valaskatzis 70's 3

I love to accessories winter fashion and although one may think a hat is solely a summer accessory, I use it often during winter. The winter sun can be very harsh and although the sun may not be shining as brightly, a hat will help with the winter glare. Not to mention that it is very stylish and reminds me of old Hollywood glamour.



I paired the look with a white clutch bag to add a pop of colour to the more natural tones of the outfit.


An outfit is never complete without the right pair of shoes. I paired the outfit with a rust coloured tie up shoe that ends at the ankle, very resemblant of an ankle boot except cheekier.












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How to wear a choker

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How to wear a choker

Bring back the 90’s and the choker trend is here. Celebrities are hot on it’s heels so if you haven’t started rocking this trend yet, its about time you start. This is the trendiest fashion accessory  right now, and the beauty about it is that you can adapt this trend to suit your style personality.

The choker trend has once more made its appearance, so whether its velvet, metal, rhinestone or leather, be sure that it is the statement piece that will get you noticed.

The best way to wear a choker is by layering it. Use it over a plain turtle neck to add that vavavoom or couple it with a long beaded chain. Add a little spice to the traditional LBD with an embellished choker and this will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Forget the traditional chokers and create your own personal style by using suede string or even a thin scarf.



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Vodacom Durban July 2016

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Vodacom Durban July 2016

” Leader of the pack “

” All the winners are in the race card, by the way,
But for many, it’s the fashion card they’ll play.
So to make it more interesting for you,
The four iconic suits may give you a clue.
Horse racing is a passionate sport,
with participation from the HEART.
So spread the love, show your hand,
Your creation, state of art.
It’s fashion finesse in SPADES,
And good tastes and flare we need.
So hold the jokers, wild cards too,
Absolute class will succeed.
Club hopping is a growing trend,
At this great event we know.
So join the CLUB, its a big deal,
Your best outfit on show.
The final flush your creation,
DIAMONDS are forever they say.
So add a subtle touch of glitz,
To take the style bouquet.

Whatever suit of cards you wear,
Take the inside track.
It’s the “styling” card that you should play,
To be the leader of the pack “

The theme for the Vodacom Durban July for 2016 is leader of the pack, and from the riddle above its an obvious play on the deck cards. The theme is a bit of a muddy puddle as  it just feels like we have been dealt this card before. It does without a doubt lack imagination, and unfortunately, being the premier fashion event in Durban, I expected more.

With that being said, I suppose as fashionistas we play with the hand that we have been given.

Each designer and blogger will interrupt this theme in their own way depending on their personal style, so, I am definitely looking forward to seeing what the Fashion Experience runway holds. Fashion is about imagination, there is no right or wrong way to interrupt a theme, all that matters is that you do it with style.

However, unless you are going for a shock factor or you are a designer, taking part in the Fashion Experience Shows that will be taking place to the run up of the event, you will not present yourself in a garment made from a deck of cards.

card dress

Despite the theme being playful, elegance and style is the winning card, colours that would be a perfect choice for this theme would be black, white, red and monochrome.

My advice it to keep the attire simplistic and add life through extravagant head gear.

Shoes must be comfortable and you should be able to wear them throughout the day without issues, it always amazes me when attending events at how women can seemingly remove their shoes and walk barefoot. This is never acceptable especially when wearing a couture gown. So when choosing your pair for the day, take all factors into consideration.

Makeup should be manageable, things to consider when having your makeup done

  • Do you normally wear makeup, and if no, then what type of makeup would you be comfortable in?
  • Do you wear contact lenses?
  • Do you have the relevant makeup required to touch up your makeup through out the day?
  • Will you be wearing false lashes? If yes, do you know how to glue them back on should they become loose throughout the day?

These may seem simple considerations, however makeup malfunctions can have dire consequences, especially if you do not know how to rectify the issues.

And finally, DIAMONDS are a girls best friend, so bling yourself until your sparkle. Elegant pieces worn around the neck,ears and hand will give the finally touches to your creation, but be careful not to over do it.

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Denim was here yesterday, it is here today and will remain tomorrow. This incredible fabric is so adaptable and can move from season to season with such ease.   What I love most about denim is that it does not discriminate, it is worn by young and old, men and women and is so fluid that it can hang on a farmer and still drape sexily over a model.

The versatility of denim cannot be denied, those lazy sunday jean days with your boyfriends shirt over can quickly change to a smart date outfit by simply throwing a blazer over,and  straight into a sexy night out paired with some stiletto heels, a clutch hand bag and sequenced top.

What ever your preference may be, denim never goes out of style, it is the best clothing investment and will definitely see you comfortably throughout the years.

Pair your favourite pair of jeans this winter with plaid and you are ready to rock this season into gear.





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Knits this winter for men

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Casual Friday
Contrast neutral or subdued blue v-neck knits with bright checked shirts for work-wear that will impress both colleagues and clients. This casual Friday look pairs effortlessly with office basics like slim cut chinos and sleek Chelsea boots.


On The Town
Chromatic crew neck sweaters show contemporary interpretation of clean graphics. Try layering one over a buttoned up golf shirt for a classic combination made fresh by this season’s bold mono-tonal colour blocking. Throw on some all white high top sneakers and you’re ready for a night at your local watering hole.



Dress Up Dress Down
Go rugged with an easy-wearing zip through knits while you kick back this season. Arch leg joggers are the ultimate relaxed option and pair perfectly with this sweater, just add some sturdy combat boots and you’re prepared for whatever the weekend throws at you!
Find these great items and more top trends, now available at Edgars.
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70’s Style


70’s Style

Warm up for winter with rich textures, new silhouettes and opulent detailing. Indulge in warming hues of chocolate and toffee embellished with jewel tones that conjure the spirit of the 70s.

1. The Lace Up Tunic Dress

Give the cold shoulder with cut-away detailing on our breezy, lace up tunic dresses. With relaxed waists and short hems, they are easy-to-wear pieces which pair perfectly with heels and fringed bags.
2.  The Lace Up Top
Free-spirited minimalism doesn’t get better than our lace up tops. With eyelet detailing and feminine fits, that frivolous feeling comes as second nature. Experiment with glam wide-legged pants and platform heels for maximum impact.
3. The Duster
Side-sweeping coats in mid-calf to ankle length bring ‘next level’ drama. We have you covered with sheer, printed, or knitted lightweight coats to layer up your look this season. Wear with a wide-brimmed hat to top off your outfit.
4.  The Saddle Bag
Equestrian elegance takes on a high-fashion feel with rich suede and pony hair textures in wine, teal and camel. Pair with a cream, 70’s-style Pussy Bow blouse and black flares for a chic evening out.
5.  The Ankle Boot
Soft, suede ankle boots are this year’s hottest ticket in footwear. Stacked heels, touch-me textures and tassels in ivory, coffee and chocolate shades with gold highlights are top picks this season.
Find the “High 5’s” and more top trends at Edgars from 1 March 2016.
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