Things to remember when dating a strong woman

As the years have swiftly flown by, a new breed of women emerged. She is strong, independent and knows her worth above everything else. The problem however now arises is that people, both men and women do not have a clue as to what to expect from her. Women think she is a bitch, for one of two reasons. One, because they secretly wish that they could be like her or two, sees her as a bitch because they just don’t understand her. Men on the other hand are either too afraid to talk to her because she comes across as intimidating or if they date her, the relationship soon ends because he does not know how to handle her.

If you are lucky enough to date her, there are a few things to remember when dating a strong woman.

  • A strong woman does not beat around the bush. Issues must be dealt with immediately. Avoidance tactics do not settle well with her.
  • She is very busy, however her relationship with you does not revolve around text messages. She is not the type of woman that will tolerate a relationship built on texts, she demands face to face communication.
  • Do not expect her to baby you, she has too many things on her mind. She is your girlfriend not your mother.
  • Respect her privacy, do not question her every move, she will not appreciate it. She has lived a life before you and will continue to do so. Strong woman do not change their lives to suit you, they compromise to accommodate the relationship.
  • Remember to have a sense of humour, she works hard and deserves some light hearted fun.
  • Be supportive of her decisions, and always stand by her.
  • Don’t attempt to make her jealous, I repeat, do not attempt to make her jealous. A strong woman has a high self esteem and self worth. She is not threatened by other women. Try this, and you will soon find yourself at the curb.
  • A strong woman pretty much does what she wants, so respect that. She does not ask for permission. It is important for you to understand that if she cares about you, she will not hurt you.
  • A strong woman is typically well travelled, educated and leads a very busy life, conversations should be kept at a level that keeps her attention.
  • Remember, she has no problem being alone, so don’t lie, cheat or manipulate.
  • BE A MAN, she has no time to deal with someone who is indecisive. Make plans, surprise her, be romantic and sweep her off her feet every chance you get.

The most important thing to remember when dating a strong woman is that she will only show you her soft side if she trusts you.

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