Why is finding your face shape important?

  • It will help you balance your features.
  • Knowing your face shape allows you to make better decisions when deciding on your makeup application.
  • Assists in recognizing the correct eye wear, hair cut and even accessories to create facial balance.

In makeup, there are 7 basic facial shapes.


The oval face shape is seen to the  perfect face shape as it is symmetrical and balanced


The square face shape is when the jawline is angled and the temple and the jawline are in line.


The rectangular face shape is similar to the square shape except that the length of the face is longer.


In the triangular face shape, you will find that the jawline is wider than the cheekbones and forehead.

Inverted Triangular

This is the opposite of the triangular face shape with the widest part being at the forehead and a tapering at the chin


The cheek bones are the widest part of the face. The chin and forehead often tapers to a point. You will also find that this facial structure is longer in length.


A round face shape has fullness across the cheeks with a wide hairline.


Now that we know the basic face shapes .

This is a quick 4 Step Guide to finding your face shape.

Step 1

You can take a photo of yourself. Make sure your hair is pulled back and you not smiling in the picture. Smiling usually changes the way the natural curves of your face, which can make it difficult to determine your face shape.

Step 2

With a marker, carefully trace the outline of your face on the photograph.

Step 3

Now that you’ve traced your face take a look at the basic ideas of what the different face shapes look like.

Step 4

Compare the outline you have just drawn with the basic face shapes to determine if you’re face shape and look out for my up and coming make-up tutorials and image tips best suited for your face and body shape.